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Sailing Tours

Passeio romântico

From the luminous and quiet waters of the Tejo river, enjoy some magical moments and unique perspectives of the most emblematic monuments and sites of the city of Lisbon.

For such, we have at your disposal several tours tailored to fit your wishes.

Lisbon viewed from the Tejo river

A pleasant boat tour by the Tejo river is always a good choice to appreciate the wonderful sightseeing that the river offers.
You may observe the seven hills of the city and get to know all the monuments from a different perspective, and you will never forget this.

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price: 38 € p/person (minimum 2 persons)


Let yourself get immersed in the fresh breeze of the Tejo, and enjoy the memorable experience of seeing the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean.

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price: 45 € p/person (minimum 2 persons)

Romantic tours 
The ideal tour for people in love.
Imagine yourself on a sailboat with that very special someone, sailing on the calm and peaceful waters of the Tejo River...
It includes sailboat exclusivity, champagne and an optional dinner on board.

Tour duration: 2 hours (4 hours with dinner)

Price: 120 € (180 € with dinner)

Lisbon by night

Enjoy this magnificent program where you may contemplate the luminous reflection that Lisbon offers from the Tejo River, providing a unique atmosphere.

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price: 40 € p/person (minimum 2 persons)

For more informations and booking contact us at comercial@infitravel.com