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Terms and Conditions

Activities of Infitravel

Before making your reservation, we recommend reading the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship that you will establish once you book services with Infiworld – owner of the Infitravel brand.

a) Infiworld, a business focused on Health Tourism, recreation, and well-being, promotes the sale of health services and products which can be purchased individually or in designated recreation packets. Such recreation packets include touristic trips and tours to various historic sights in Portugal.

b) Infiworld offers the sale of personalized health products and services by making reservations and by facilitating medical and surgical evaluations and procedures in renowned Portuguese hospitals and clinics.

c) Regarding touristic and recreational trips, Infiworld makes the necessary reservations, especially those related to transport (by air, water, or land), lodging, vehicle rental, and tourist recreational ventures.

d) Infiworld’s website serves as a center for post-paid reservations, allowing clients to take advantage of the services mentioned in a), b), and c), as well as to download and print confirmation vouchers and/or emails.

e) Confirmation vouchers and/or emails emitted by Infitravel contain all necessary information related to the client’s reservation, such as dates, names, contact information of service providers, and activity-specific Terms and Conditions.

f) The website of Infiworld also functions as an intermediary between tourist enterprises and clients, allowing clients to request touristic tours and services that best suit their interests.

g) Infiworld facilitates rental car procurement (Rent-a-Car).

h) Infiworld also renders services related to touristic excursions, such as organizing trips to museums, historic monuments, and other points of interest.

i) All trips organized by Infiworld will be part of programs previously made available to clients.

Conditions of contract – Reservations

a) Whenever Infiworld sells a service to a client, it will provide documentation that outlines the name and type of service to be provided, service date, price, and any payments already made.

b) Acceptance of a reservation by Infiworld, after proper payment has been completed, will be confirmed via a confirmation email to the client.

c) The confirmation email will outline the services bought.

d) The confirmation email should be printed by the client and used as proof of payment and reservation to service providers.

e) Regarding the purchase of health services and/or procedures, the client must pay 30% of the total value upon purchase. The remaining value can be paid up to one week before the date of the service and/or procedure.

f) Regarding the purchase of touristic packages, the client must pay the total value of the package upon purchase. Any exception to this will be expressly stated before purchase.

g) Before confirming any purchase or reservation, the client will be informed of the cancellation fees related to that purchase or reservation.

h) Any questions and/or doubts related to the purchase of health products and/or packages should be directed to Infiworld. Questions directly related to specific services should be directed to service providers.

Cancellation of reservations with Infitravel or with separate service provider

Health Products

a) Infiworld retains the right to cancel any health service and/or product, in the case of a technical or personnel-related limitation of the service provider (hospital or clinic).

b) In the case of cancellation as mentioned above, the client will be informed within 24 hours of Infiworld’s notification by the service provider.

c) Any canceled health service/package can be rescheduled for a new day upon agreement between the client and Infiworld.


d) Infiworld retains the right to cancel a client’s reservation in the case that a tour/trip becomes impossible due to extenuating factors. In the event of a cancellation, the client will be notified as soon as possible.

e) On the touristic trips Infiworld will provide for the adequate procurement of lodging and transport.

f) When Infiworld intervenes as an intermediary between service providers and the client, it is only responsible for the correct emission of lodging and transport reservations.

g) Regarding organized trips, Infiworld cannot be made responsible for cancelations caused when the number of participants is below the minimum number required. Clients will be informed of such cancellations in writing.

h) In the case of a cancelation or modification of a reservation by the service provider, the client will have the option to choose another alternative product/service or to annul the reservation.

i) If the service provider is unable to offer an adequate alternative product/service, Infitravel retains the right to cancel the client’s reservation within 72 hours.

j) Commissions, fees, and charges assigned by a public authority or by the service provider will be paid by the client, even when they are assigned after the reservation confirmation.

Reservation cancellations by the client

Health Products

The cancelation or annulment of any scheduled medical/surgical procedure or of a health service contracted by the client will imply the following conditions:

a) In the event of a cancelation made 15 days ahead of the scheduled procedure/service, Infiworld will reimburse the client with 30% of the value already paid, regardless of administrative charges accrued, up to 500 euros.

b) In the event of a cancelation made 8 to 14 days ahead of the scheduled procedure/service, the client will be responsible for paying 30% of the price. Another 50% of the procedure/service price will be turned into Infitravel credit and can be used towards a new reservation made within the year.

c) In the event of a cancelation made 7 days ahead of the scheduled procedure/service, the client will be responsible for paying 100% of the value received by Infiworld. 30% of the procedure/service price will be turned into Infitravel credit and can be used towards a new reservation made with the year.


In regards to tourist services, such as touristic trips and organized visits, the client can terminate the contract at any time. In the event of a termination, it is the responsibility of Infiworld to reimburse the client with any deposit already paid. Any administrative costs related to the cancellation will be charged but will not exceed 15% of the total price.

Responsibilities of Infitravel

a) Infiworld and its suppliers are not responsible to the client for any damages sustained during the trip, such as accidents that can result in injury or death.

b) Infiworld is solely responsible for errors that occur during the reservation process and is not responsible for mistakes committed by service providers. Any client complaints must be issued directly to the service providers.

c) The responsibilities of the agency which organizes the touristic excursions are guaranteed by the current local civic responsibility insurance.

d) The responsibilities of Infiworld are limited to the maximum amount that can be requested of the travel service providers.

Responsibilities of the client

a) During travel, the client is responsible for keeping all necessary confirmations and documentation on their person.

b) The client is responsible for correctly entering personal data for himself/herself as well as for other travelers upon reserving services and/or products.

c) The client must comply with the conditions of service providers as stipulated in the reservation voucher/email.


In the case of client complaints, it is Infiworld’s responsibility to demonstrate a willingness to work with the client to reach an adequate solution.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions have been prepared in accordance with the legal rules for travel agencies and tourism contained in Decree-Law. 61/2011, of 6 May, as amended by Decree-Law No. 199/2012 of 24 August.

The organization of the trips included in www.infitravel.com is the responsibility of Infiworld, Portuguese tour operator with RNAVT 4874 registration - RNAAT 502/2014, based in Raúl Carapinha Street, 19 - 3 B, 1500-541, Lisbon, Portugal and registered at the Commercial Registry of Lisbon under the NIPC 510 902 774.