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Infitravel Health

As an Infitravel client, while you enjoy your stay in Portugal, you may also opt to undergo a clinical check-up tailored to meet your individualized health needs. Helping clients and their families to obtain the healthiest, happiest state of mind and body possible is part of our DNA.

As such, Infitravel offers to every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, the opportunity to undergo a medical evaluation. It is Infitravel's promise to provide comprehensive family benefits for each client, as well as to foster an atmosphere of family unity and togetherness centered on health, leisure, and mindful well-being.

Infitravel Health Products

Infitravel provides its clients with several check-up options: "Diamond Plus", "Diamond", "Junior" and "Second Opinion". The clinical staff of Infitravel will recommend to each client a check-up plan, based on a careful analysis of a Medical Questionnaire (which can be found at the bottom of this page) which each client is asked to complete three weeks prior to arrival in Lisbon.

Infitravel clients can opt to purchase a Check-up alone or to combine a check-up with one of our recreational packages available under Health Packages.

All check-ups will take place at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon or the Hospital de Santiago in Setúbal, both of which belong to the Espírito Santo Saúde Group. Clients can also request to visit another hospital or clinic, provided it belongs to the Espírito Santo Saúde Group and according to availability and proximity to the client's hotel.

Following the check-up, Infitravel clients will receive a medical report containing the results from all exams and appointments, as well as recommendations and individualized medical advice.
It is always possible to request additional exams, tests, and consultations after the issuance of the medical report.

When the check-up is complete, the client will additionally receive personalized advice about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent future injuries and illness. Athletes will receive counseling about helpful exercises to complement their sport of choice.