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About us

Created by medical doctors who appreciate the splendors of Portugal, nature, and the value of living a healthy life, Infitravel aims to introduce international visitors to Portugal and its island regions through unique, high-quality services.

We focus on two complementary fields: health tourism and conventional tourism.
With Infitravel Health, our clients have access to several medical check-ups conducted in renowned hospitals in the Lisbon and Setúbal areas and chosen to fit each guest´s individual needs and personal goals. We expect that the Infitravel client will be able to take advantage of high-quality health services while also enjoying moments of leisure.

In terms of our conventional tourism dimension, we have developed unique tour routes that showcase the very best of Portuguese history and culture while allowing clients to visit internationally-recognized natural and cultural heritage sites in and around Lisbon. The tours are always lead by experienced guides and are conducted on foot as well as by minibus, depending on the activities selected by each client.

Portugal is a country with rich culinary and wine-producing traditions, and we want for our guests to experience the best of both. We have created partnerships with local vineyards specializing in enotourism and provide guided visits and wine-tastings in some of Portugal´s most prestigious wine cellars. Our clients are encouraged to sample a variety of Portuguese gastronomical delights, with our day tours featuring lunches at carefully selected local restaurants.

Finally, Infitravel recognizes the importance of crafting a detailed and personalized itinerary to suit the health and leisure desires of each and every client. If you have any doubts about which products are best suited for your needs, please do not hesitate to enter into contact with us.

Have an excellent stay in Portugal with Infitravel!